Whether you are having hardware or software problems, or maybe you don't even know what kind of problems, we can help! A Team Member will diagnose and repair your computer, and you will be consulted each step of the way.


Details of Service


  • Full diagnostics of computer problems.

  • Hardware or Software troubleshooting and repair.

  • If we can't fix it for the minimum fee, then we will consult you before moving forward with repairs.

  • We will tell you if the repairs are going to cost more than the computer is worth. We want to always give you the best for your hard earned money.



Our Team Members can come to you to setup any computer or laptop along with any number of peripherals.


Details of Service


  • We can set up any laptop or computer at your home or office with any number of compatible *peripherals.

*Peripherals iNclude: printer, scanner, extra computer screen, and more!



If you have had a virus on your computer, or you have one now, you know how much trouble a virus can cause. So let us remove viruses and other harmful infections from your computer and fix any problems that it has caused to your system.


Details of Service


  • Detect and remove any viruses, spyware, trojans, or other harmful computer infection.

  • Repair the damage to your system to get it up and working properly again.



Let us help to put a security plan in place to protect your data and help you to increase the performance of your existing equipment.


Details of Service


  • We can put a security plan in place that would include passwords, backups, and limiting access to certain files. We can also help you streamline your current security and passwords to implement the best possible security policies.

  • We can tune up your computer to get the best performance out of your existing equipment or we may be able to install some upgrades in order to maximize your computer's abilities as well as make it run faster and better.